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Make Your Home More Sellable

When it comes time to start showing your newly-listed home, it’s important to make sure that your home stands out to potential buyers—in the best possible way! The goal of showing a home is not just to give buyers a chance to investigate the size of the bedrooms or test-drive the stove, but to give them the opportunity to envision your home as their home.

So before you start showing, take some time to stage your home, to give it a feeling of warmth and welcoming, to make it feel like home, and to de-personalize just enough to let your buyers’ imaginations start to wander...

Home Staging Tips

  1. Clean out the clutter. Have a yard sale before you start showing to get rid of any clothes or old junk that might be cluttering up your closets or stacked on countertops. Create an open and spacious feeling in your home, partially-empty your closets to make them look bigger, open all the interior doors. Just be careful not to make your house seem too empty!
  2. Light & bright. Open your windows and remove any dark drapes. Let in the light and the fresh air. Up the wattage in your kitchen and bathrooms if they don’t get a lot of natural light. Add flowers to bring a feeling of life inside.
  3. Eliminate odors. Deep clean your carpets and bathrooms, take out the trash, hide and deodorize the cat litter box. Add cedar chips to your closets and potpourri to your living areas to freshen up.
  4. Avoid eccentricities and personalizations. You want to give your buyers some room to imagine their taste and decor preferences, or perhaps their family photos. Remove beads, posters, or magnets on the refrigerator. Repaint dark walls. Your home should appeal to any audience.
  5. First impressions are key. Make sure your front entryway is spotless and spectacular. Replace your door knocker, buy a new doormat, and add some potted flowers to the porch.
  6. Make your home welcoming. Let the interior spill out to the exterior by leaving windows and screen doors open, play soft music, and have your lights on in the evening.

Done staging? Step outside of your home and into the shoes of your potential buyer. Look at your home through their eyes and evaluate the feeling you get. Is it warm and inviting? Does it feel like home? You home should appeal to buyers from the moment they set eyes on it.

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